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This site is designed to provide a store of simple, effective starter and fun activities for Maths lessons. They work really well with children writing answers on whiteboards and self-marking, typically taking no more than 5 minutes. Question levels and the number and time available for each question are set by you allowing you to choose how long each activity takes.

You can choose starters based on either year or topic area by clicking on the menu to the left. Most activities give you three identical but separate starters, which you can set-up according to any differentiation needs. Choosing different colours for each starter allows easy selection and generates its own prompt sound when a new question appears.

The activties are based on the UK's National Curriculum mental skills across years 3 to 6. Each game is designed to provide a simple, self-marked challenge to children and is ideal for use with whiteboards.

There's also some games which can be used for longer activities, from Connect 4 to a version of Countdown which again target KS2 Maths skills and which can be differentiated.

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If you have have any suggested improvements or ideas about a Maths starter you'd like to see on this website, or just want to say hello, please send us a message and we'll see what can be done!